Planning for change, be it aging in place to moving to a new home.

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Creative solutions to remake spaces.

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New home or renovation, designs to meet your needs.

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I take pride in assisting clients in realizing their vision, be it a modest remodeling or an ambitious new home or addition. I also apply those same skills to re-think the use of an existing home, be in organizing spaces or staging it for sale.

In all projects, it is important to balance need vs. want, and to ensure that budget and time constraints are not forgotten in the excitement of the new vision.

Many people are struggling with downsizing or relocating as their life circumstances change, and find the process of culling a lifetime’s worth of memories difficult. I can assist in this process, by devising interventions to make a home easier to move around in, or by simply helping to identify items that have outlived their usefulness. I can also assist in staging a home for sale when that time comes, and evaluating what small improvements might make the home appealing to potential buyers.

I particularly enjoy kitchen and bath design, as these two areas are where many of us spend much of our time while at home. Designing an elegant, enduring space that continues to give joy to the homeowner is my goal. It is always a challenge to address the functional demands of these spaces, but I know how to do this without losing the larger vision.

I take pride in offering accessible design consulting for clients who are facing changes in their life circumstances. Using available resources, the goal is to make the modifications necessary so that they can safely remain in their own home.