Creative Solutions and Problem-Solving

I strive to understand the unique aspects of each project — the people, places, and demands that inform the work and shape the environment. This process recognizes the unique views of individuals, and encourages collaboration throughout. As a "thought partner," I hope to offer my expertise, but never impose a preconceived solution.


Defining your needs, and understanding the parameters -- be they budget, time, or space -- we work together to arrive at a concept that addresses your needs.

Design Ideas

By visualizing options and articulating the choices available, we can find the best fit for your needs. Collaboration and communication is key to finding the best solution.


Design and construction of any project, with its permits and contracts, can be complex. I help you understand the implications of these, and work with you to navigate through the process to guard your interests.

I'm Beth Glasser

I'm Beth Glasser

With over thirty years in practice as a licensed architect, I have developed skills in all aspects of architecture. I take particular pride in formulating solutions based on real world parameters, such as cost, special needs or interests, and time. I help you articulate needs and then translate those into a design concept that is both buildable and realistic for your needs.

Case Studies


  • Handcrafted

    For no more than the cost of an off-the-shelf item, one can often find hand-crafted items that enhance what would otherwise be a mundane accessory. These door pulls, made by sculptor Mark Weisback ( are a wonderful addition to new closet doors. And they are ‘leftover’ brass that Mark recycled from a large public sculpture.Read more about Handcrafted[…]

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    Natural light is the most dynamic aspect of a design, as the space changes throughout the day, and throughout the year, depending on the quality and intensity of light. Light can be used to define a space, change the quality of the colors and textures of the space, and help establish the relationship between theRead more about Light[…]

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  • Color

    Color is an incredibly important part of the world around us. Paint is the simplest way to introduce color, and one shouldn’t be afraid of it — it is easy to paint over a color later if you change your mind!    

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    This birch floor was finished at a local sawmill. Its natural grain and color variations all contribute to its effect on the room. Considering texture, scale, and color is important in material selection.

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  • Creative Solutions

    Good design finds alternative solutions to a client’s goals. In this example, having the window manufacturer mull the windows together for installation achieved the desired vertical impact, without the cost of industrial-grade windows. Attention to details and finishes results in a look that satisfies the client without adding cost overruns to the budget or extraRead more about Creative Solutions[…]

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    Sustainable Design

    Sustainable design solutions are not necessarily high-tech.  They are appropriate solutions — customized to the site and building. This metal roof, for example, is well-suited for its rural site as it matches the commonly used industrial metal roofs found on many farm buildings. The difference here is that the roof is well insulated and theRead more about Sustainable Design[…]

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  • Accessible Design

    All designs need to be accessible. The degree of access and the attention to different design components may vary, but providing spaces that encourage easy movement and limit barriers is an intrinsic part of my approach.  

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