Envisioning a New Home

Figuring out how to downsize or move to a new home is challenging. Creating a ‘virtual apartment,’ helps in figuring out how furnishings work with new the space, and make moves much easier.   With this model, it is even possible to view the room as if you are in it. An axonometric view givesRead more about Envisioning a New Home[…]

Planning for Relocation

Planning a move requires multiple steps. Among the strategies I have learned to employ are annotations and photographs that capture the items and note whether they are to be moved, given away, or discarded: Combining this with an annotated plan for the existing home, indicating the plan for handling items makes the move go muchRead more about Planning for Relocation[…]


Very few homeowners can prepare their house for sale without some assistance. Staging the house to make it appealing for buyers is hard: personal items have to be put away and the house made as neutral as possible. It’s important to remember that not everyone has the same taste, and rooms that are too personalRead more about Staging[…]